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About Us

Together with our network of subsurface experts, we deliver integrated evaluations to support investments in carbon capture & storage and energy production.  Our broad expertise, gained over careers with major oil and gas companies, enables us to deliver focused, high-quality evaluations in an efficient manner, providing clients an understanding of the risks and opportunities in their projects and allowing them to select and shape their investments to maximise value.

Areas where we are able to assist are:

  • Screening regions for potential CO2 storage sites

  • Quantifying the volume of CO2 that can be injected and stored at a site

  • Identifying storage site risks in terms of containment, injectivity and capacity

  • Advising on monitoring and mitigation programmes

  • Providing independent review of in-house or third party assessments

  • Application writing

  • Training staff and advising on the fundamentals of CO2 storage

  • Competitive screening for project ranking

Some Recent Projects

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