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Our mission


The global energy system is changing.  New technologies are being deployed to reduce carbon in our atmosphere while still delivering the energy that has lifted billions out of poverty over the last decades.  Elgol Geoscience is  exploring this new frontier, using our subsurface skills and knowledge to enable and accelerate the energy transition.

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Our contribution


As skilled geoscientists and subsurface experts, we see Carbon Capture and Storage to be a business where we can make a difference.  Together with our partners, we have helped clients identify and apply for high quality CO2 storage licence opportunities.  


We have built up expertise in this new frontier.  While it may be superficially similar to hydrocarbon extraction and we use the same toolbox, there are surprising differences.  As always, value is controlled by geology and the best rocks are limited.  Identifying and securing these opportunities early will drive value - let us help you.


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